Love in the Simplest Form…


I was visiting South Africa a while ago. I was staying at a beautiful hotel in Pretoria. One of the most indulgent parts of staying in this hotel was the breakfast bar. Full of amazing and fresh eats, I loved the omelet station most of all. Not because I am especially fond of eggs but because I was especially intrigued with the omelet maker. She was an older black South African who had the most loving and pleasant eyes that I had ever seen. I surely thought that she must deserve a better job than this. How could someone so nurturing be stuck here making these eggs day after day so I thought. I was convinced that she must have been old enough to witness the brutality of apartheid. What atrocities must those eyes have witnessed ? What hardships must she have endured. How much loss had she endured?Surely no one could blame her if she was bitter or if her heart was cold. But that was not the spirit standing before me. I saw her carefully crack the eggs, taking special care not to rush the cooking process. Carefully scrutinizing her work the way an artist checks his masterpiece. Asking me daily, “How do you want your eggs today, Miss? Taking care of me in her own way with that brilliant smile and her gracious eyes. I was convinced that she knew first hand the power of God’s grace and mercy. Overcoming all things in her life. Taking great pride in performing the ” the simplest ” of jobs. It pleased her to give her best. To represent her creator , to bring honor. It was a lesson for me. No matter what God asks you to do , do it with all you have. Take pride no matter what. There are no small jobs. This lady often comes to mind , I am sure that she does not remember me, but I will never forget her wonderful omelette, her gracious smile, and most of all her amazing , loving eyes.

Moral: Take pride in the simplest jobs, you never know how you may touch someone’s life!

I am Stronger….

I had  been slacking off in some parts of my life . I was feeling alone, detached ,unmotivated, and somewhat melancholy. I was not writing or creating art. I decided that it was time to shake these feelings. I could do better… So I started by cycling to work. I would see others speeding along. All shapes and all sizes of people.  Young and old. So I researched types of bicycles hoping to find one that would fit my needs. I purchased one that I really liked, a sporty green foldable bike. Scared to start but not really scared, I took off. I was hooked from the start.I started feeling free and independent while navigating the traffic. I would come home tired but feeling really proud of my accomplishment. I just had to START! I would ride 4 – 5 days a week through all types of weather. I noticed from the beginning that I would sleep really well.  This good quality sleep would translate into clearer thinking. This clearer thinking translated into better decisions about food and emotional stuff. This immediately translated into more energy. Wow! Who would have thought? I was getting so strong physically and now mentally. So as my clothes started fitting better and my health steadily improved, I decided to tackle other parts of my life that needed to be addressed. I decided that where I worked for a living was toxic. This toxicity was diminishing the quality of life that I was craving to have. I realized that this toxic environment  was stunting my creative life. I had no energy to create the type of art that I wanted to create. The drama was taking up valuable space inside of my head. I started to pray more feverishly. I picked up my Bible. I try embrace the teachings and apply them the best way I know how into my life. After a while, the pieces started to come together, slowly the melancholy feelings started to disappear. I still ride my bike regularly. I have a great new social life with new friendships. I have a more active Christian life. I am going to leave my day job by the first of the year. I will fully immerse myself into  an Art filled life. I realize that my Art is my connection to God. Before I had put these disciplines into place, I could not see this new life happening. I now know that if I see it , it will come. It’s gonna be alright. I am not going to let go of the practices that I have put into place. Happiness is a choice. It is up to each one of us to embrace it! It truly started with a bicycle ride……I just had to START!

landscape scene

Beauty in the Simplest Forms…

Beauty in the Simplest Forms...

I am in a place of transition, physically, mentally and spiritually. The life i am living no longer works for me. I feel that I have allowed things to become to complicated.I experienced a real burn out. Taking on responsibility way beyond my means. Falsely believing that If I don’t do it, it won’t get done. Constantly taking on other peoples problems. What I had failed to realize was that in order to be a better person, I needed to learn to nurture myself. To slow down and really embrace the simpler things in this life. It sounds so cliche, but yet it is so true. This transition for me is about taking care of self in order to be able to help others. This transition for me is about taking the time to really listen to what God is speaking to me about instead filling my head with other things that muffle his voice. This transition for me is about stepping up to my purpose. I know that I have been called to do more, so now its time to do it! Stop, breathe, enjoy the simpler things. The things we take for granted assuming that these things will always be here. Speak no evil, don’t gossip. Drop all things toxic. People, foods, habits that serve no purpose. Simple is best…Simple is peaceful…Simple can bring joy…Think about it, when is the last time you really just stopped to breathe and to listen to your own breath…That is God breathing life into you…Embrace it!

The Light Within….

As summer was coming to a close, I was contemplating going back to work after a long vacation. I had just completed a move from one city to another. I had purged items from my life that no longer held meaning. I, somehow, lost all of the contacts in my phone, so I took that as an opportunity to purge people who no longer held any meaning for me. Of course, these are the people who only come around when there is a need. So one morning as I am walking down a beautiful block in my new neighborhood, I walk upon an overgrown lot. It appeared that there had once been some kind of community garden in place, but maybe the caretakers could no longer take care of it. So it sat alone,being overtaken by the strong presence urban weeds. As I got closer to the gate of this garden to take a closer look around, I saw several bursts of purple. The color was vibrant and there was a glow… The weeds although sparse could not hide the beauty of these flowers. The glow was amazing! This reminded me of how life sometimes seems to overwhelm us with the ugliness of everyday life. We feel that no one will be able to see
us,that there is no way out. But we must remember that inside of each and everyone of us there is an amazing power. The power to change any situation and turn it into a positive. That inner glow! That light that people see when we just simply start the process of change. That light that shows when we just begin to show up. Its there and through meditation, exercise, prayer and other means we can begin to tap into that glow. Through my move to the new city and all of the purging of things that no longer held meaning, I too unleashed my inner glow. I tapped into and unveiled that light that is within…Grateful to have had the summer to do this.

Purple Flower

Restart your Transformation….

I love the Fall. I love the colors, I love the smells, I love the change of the season. Children are heading back to school and the weather starts to cool. It’s sort of a signal to all that 2013 will soon come to a close. This brought to mind, for me, that I should take inventory on the promises and goals that I made for myself. Did I complete all that I said I would this year. If I did, was my change/goal a real success? If I did not complete something, is there still time to get it done? Maybe I need to adjust or rewrite my plan, maybe add something new.We still have 4 months leftand I would encourage everyone to do the same. Take a long hard look at the goals you set forth for this 2013 year. Take a thorough inventory, it’s really not over yet. This post was just a reminder to myself and to others keep pushing on because we are too close to 2014 to fall short on ourselves. You have the ability within you to transform your life, so let’s do it! We really do have it in us!

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The Family Jewels

The Family Jewels

This weekend I attended my family’s 14th annual family reunion in New Orleans, Louisiana.The awesome family branch in that city coordinated the event. Amazing undertaking, There were approximately 150 plus people in attendance. The people traveled from different parts of the United States to attend. The anticipation of reuniting with family members and meeting new additions to the family continued to build up in me as the weekend was approaching. My nerves got the best of me. I am truly a creative type and that part of me that loves to be on my own was now going to have to be put aside for the event. I traveled with my youngest daughter , annoyed that my oldest could not join me, but we arrived safely. I arrived late on the first night, so I did not really see anyone. But the second and third day proved to be non stop fun and filled with multiple tokens of love. The city of New Orleans is truly beautiful and I feel grateful to have family connection there. How Blessed I am to have so much love in my life. How Blessed I am to be a part of such a loving group. I told my daughter, who is 16 years of age, we are related to just about every single person in this banquet room. Through bloodline, by spirit, and by God’s grace we are one. As the weekend came to an end, I felt full,overwhelmed with emotion.Not able to really do anything but smile. Words could not express my feelings but I am now ready for anything… and the battery has been recharged. Now when I am working and feel unappreciated for my efforts, I can draw upon the memories of being embraced. The next time I am driving and someone cuts me off , instead of cussing at them, I can smile because I think they just need more love in their life. I started thinking about how a jewelry artist will sometimes use precious jewels in their creations. In this case God used some of his most precious jewels to create this family. No one is perfect, not even diamonds are truly flawless, but with the embrace of a family we can be molded into amazing people. Family is everything. It is, truly it is.
God Bless my family…..


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